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ACT-IAC Oct. 4 Forum to Address Big Data Blues

In spite of the Obama Administration’s recent $200 million investment in the Big Data Research and Development Initiative many agencies continue to struggle to find the necessary funds for Big Data projects, while others are challenged to build the proper infrastructures to handle them. Simply put, agencies recognize the importance of Big Data, yet IT limitations and organizational know-how is hindering its adoption.

To address the Big Data acceptance vs. adoption gap, and provide government and industry professionals the opportunity to share their views on how big data can be used to improve service delivery, maximize resources, and reduce fraud, waste and abuse, the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council is proud to sponsor the Big Data Forum. The half-day, education and training event will take place October 4, from 12:30 – 6:00 p.m., at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

Unique to the Big Data Forum is its format, as workshops sessions will feature more than 20 leading Big Data experts, who hail from federal agencies, academia, and the commercial world, and will moderate table discussion on a series of topics keeping federal IT decision-makers up at night, such as:

  • Does my agency have a Big Data challenge? And how can my agency ensure a usable result from Big Data projects?
  • What compliance issues does my agency need to consider before implementing Big Data tools and technologies?
  • How to get various stakeholders to collaborate? And then, how to manage this process in an agile and responsive fashion?
  • How does my agency define the Big Data concept and its definition—such as the Vs of Big Data and Big Data ABCs?

With the rapid rate of growth being just one of the many challenges facing government and industry as they work to manage Big Data, it’s clear that meeting the challenges of big data will require a new approach that transcends and reshapes boundaries of what’s been done before. ACT-IAC’s Big Data Forum will bring these issues and practical solutions to mind, and much more!

Sponsored by the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council, the Big Data Forum is a resulted-focused, education and training event designed to provide an open-forum environment for government and industry professionals to address big data challenges and issues. For more information about the event or to register, please visit here.

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