Actively trying to become a government employee

Is there anyone who would be able to assist me in becoming a government employee. I have, had my resume re-written, applied to jobs on usajobs and spoken with people who are in the government. If anyone has helpful tips, links or information about what can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Meredith Mengel

I’ll let you know if I hear of anything. Be sure to tell folk in government with whom you have a good rapport.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Got a specific agency where you want to work? A specific title?

Happy to help you identify some people on GovLoop based on both of those responses.

Terrence (Terry) Hill

There really is no way to help you unless you are more specific, as Andy and Steve indicated below. There are lots of positions in the health care, law enforcement, cybersecurity, or scientific fields. If you are just trying to get any entry-level Federal job, I recommend starting with an organization like TSA, which is always in need of TSOs. They are also at every major airport.

Moneve Flores

I am a HR professional with over 15 years of experience. If anyone is aware of a good federal agency where I can apply with a shorter than average hiring processing time, I would appreciate you sharing that information.