Domestic Drone Policy, Federal Telework, and More

Today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • Pilots, aircraft manufacturers, and privacy groups ask the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure drones could not be hijacked or jammed and that they would not cause problems for manned aircraft before it allows their widespread domestic use. More here.
  • Department of Homeland Security Chief Information Officer Richard Spires said that the DHS will attempt to further integrate its 22 component agencies across their 13 missions. More here.
  • Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel said that telework will play a major role in the upcoming federal digital strategy. More here.
  • A federal appeals court upheld the National Security Agency;s decision not to disclose whether it had a relationship with Google concerning encryption and cybersecurity. More here.
  • The Marine Corps has awarded a $775 million contract to purchase 400,000 computers from 10 companies. More here.
  • Customs and Border Protection is looking for a company to accept and recycle used electronics free of charge under the condition that nothing be resold intact. More here.
  • Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, head of Air Force Global Strike Command,said that it is unlikely that the next generation stealth bomber will be unmanned due to cost concerns. More here.

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