“Adding Value” to an Organization after 40+ Years

Adding value to an organization after 40+ years of continuous employment is achievable. As a resourceful and intuitive program analyst, my peers often look to my insights with “problem-solving.” I personally attribute my “value-added” work culture to the following 2 reasons: my determination coupled with my energy for project completion.

As I soon close this book of many chapters during my 40+ years of gainful employment, commonly referred to as “Act 1,” I am striving to advance on my current skillsets and knowledge base in the direction of virtual office automation. In persistent discussion with my fellow information technology colleagues on the topic of telework, I give the impression of confidence about my “Act 2,” revenue stream. From a pluses and minuses outlook, “Act 2” will generate from a virtually remote headquarters.

Here are four tools from my “Act 1,” that I keep in mind to give rise to positive end results at any workplace:

  1. Refresh your memories of past managers and incorporate one practice from each employer. Remember what made you an outstanding employee 40+ years ago and bring it to the front of your list of things to do. Good work performance repeats itself!
  2. Don’t take the “low” road by “MIA” or being missing in action during the workday. Stay woke! Walk amongst the “tall” cotton. Don’t waste time during the day with non-work matters. Keep pen and pad closely alive. Record daily notes!
  3. Share your goals and intentions for the upcoming week with your current supervisor or team lead weekly. If you are not currently reporting out in a one-on-one meeting with your direct report, request the time. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t be overlooked when career advancement opportunities present themselves.
  4. Expand your agency awareness. Get to know your workplace community. Introduce yourself and your office mission to your neighboring offices/departments. Learn about their mission and how they fit into larger agency initiatives. Be resourceful! Prepare to meet the charge in the event that neighbor office is experiencing a staffing shortage. Bring about a win/win situation for both parties. You could be afforded “overtime!”

Triumph, in the end!

Alice Boone is a GovLoop Featured Contributor. She has 40+ years of distinguished service in the federal government. Ms. “M” began her career in 1979, with the Department of Transportation, D.C. In 1984, Ms. “M” accepted a position with the Department of Defense. In 1993, she accepted a position with the National Science Foundation (NSF). Ms. “M” joined Veterans Affairs in 2008. In 2009, Ms. “M” volunteered at the White House under President Obama for three years. As of February 2020. Ms. “M” continues to display treasured skillsets as a Program Analyst.

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Amy DeWolf

40+ years, wow! Congrats and I especially loved the part about remembering past managers and incorporating one practice from each employer. There’s always something to learn from everyone (whether you think they were a good manager or not!)


Hey Alice,
I enjoyed reading your blog. I was a federal employee for 39 years and I can relate to adding value to an organization after 40+ years, brown bag lunch and teleworking. – FS