…and i said it once before but it bears repeating

I was listening to a radio podcast on my iPod this weekend where they had callers call in to talk about a specific event that happened to them that they wish to re-live. Needless to say, some of the calls were quite funny.

This got me to thinking – on a more serious note – what would GovLoopers say about their public service work experiences? What is that one “Groundhog’s Day” sorta moment that you would like to replay over-and-over? Either that funniest moment, or your proudest moment working in Government.

I figured this was a pertinent question considering we are all celebrating Public Service Recognition Week

this week!

Enjoy the recognition for what you do!!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Putting my arm in a cow with a cork in its side as part of a USDA research project in which we were testing digestibility of grasses typically consumed by livestock and how that can lead to leaner meat. Impressed upon me that government is doing really cool things that have a positive impact on the public…thousands of these paths to innovation are happening every day in government.


After writing a 6 month audit with some critical findings, we had a very tense meeting with senior leaders who refuted the findings. After the meeting, one key senior leader came up and said “that was a really great report. you nailed it”