Announcing the Accela App Challenge

At Accela, we’re committed to finding ways to leverage the talents and ideas of civic entrepreneurs and open data hackers to benefit the governments we serve. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Accela App Challenge.

The App Challenge offers a total of $25,000 in cash prizes to developers that build a new civic app or enhance an existing one to work with Accela Construct API and utilize open data. The grand prize winners will be flown to San Diego to have their idea showcased to governments officials from all over the country at our annual Accela Engage Conference.

Registering for the App Challenge is easy – just go over to the Hacker League where we’re posting details on the event and sign up for an account. Then, just click “Join Hackathon” it’s that easy!

Take your idea for next great civic app all the way to San Diego, to show it off to governments from all over the country. At Accela, we want to help you build your app to make the public sector work better and enhance the way that citizens interact with their government.

Join the Accela App Challenge today!

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