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5 Things You Need to Know About Transition News This Week

Changes in federal government keep coming fast. That’s why GovLoop is giving you these weekly recaps of presidential transition news that may affect agency management and employment.

GovHack: Hacking to make Government better in New Zealand

Last weekend, New Zealand joined Australia for GovHack 2015. If you’re not familiar with the idea, this is a 2-day hackathon set up for people – community, industry, academia, civil society and public sector  − to get creative with government data. The goal is to build some ‘thing’ using open government data. To be clear: this isRead… Read more »

When Hacking Helps

Hackers, hackers everywhere. If you’ve been following the news recently, the “hacker” label probably doesn’t give you a warm-fuzzy sensation. But hackers aren’t always bad guys. To the software development community, hacking simply means taking a piece of code and altering it. It can be used for wrongdoing, but it can also be used toRead… Read more »

Is Your Website Security at Risk?

OmniStudio is often asked if WordPress sites are more vulnerable to security breaches than other content management platforms. With all websites, even those run by Fortune 500 companies, the threat of hacking is ever present, regardless of the platform it’s built within. Professional website design and development firms who use open source platforms, like WordPress orRead… Read more »

How to Bypass Your Best Computer Security System in Ten Minutes

In the time it takes you to read this short article, an intruder can create 3-5 user accounts within your business system. Social engineering is a technique hackers use to take over an account by persuading or psychologically manipulating people to divulge confidential information. This is usually the first step within a more complex scheme.Read… Read more »

“Hello, My Name Is…and I Am Afraid of Being Hacked.”

For the first time since I became an internet user (1998), I admit that I am afraid of being hacked, and apparently, I am not alone. According to Reuters, U.S. citizens fear having their credit cards, computers, or smartphones hacked more than any other crimes.[1] Six years ago, I planned our Florida destination wedding entirelyRead… Read more »