Anonymous declares war on WikiLeaks, DoD aggressively pursing Intel Innovation and more


Here is the top cyber stories and news of the day.

  • In response to WikiLeaks adding a paywall, Anonymous has declared war on WikiLeaks – the site is adopting similar measures to New York Times and others, preventing access “unless you tweet, share, pay, or wait.” Formerly “besties” it appears there is no honor among the anti-establishment. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • DIA maps out a new structure to address ‘persistent conflict’ – “The Defense Intelligence Agency is remaking itself to cope with dramatic changes in human geography and a revolution in network-centric warfare that add new threats to national security,” LTG Michael Flynn said. Flynn is about to release the Vision 2020 blueprint, his plan for the next 8 years. Via Defense Systems, more here.
  • DISA purchases $900k of mobile devices – the agency is looking for $900,000 worth of iPads, iPhones and Samsung tablets. Via FCW, more here.
  • GSA is working to make teleworking work – “At the General Services Administration, senior managers are using online collaboration tools to conduct office meetings virtually, where possible.” This is enabling cheaper workflow and moving the GSA closer in-line with telework initiatives. As well it’s preparing them for next year when GSA opens their new headquarters in DC. Via Federal Times, more here.
  • DoD Aggressively Pursues Intel Innovation, Vickers Says – the DoD is looking to making innovation it’s biggest grower of intelligence assets and more. He continues to discuss his top priorities. Via, more here.
  • Irish Google, Yahoo Domains taken offline briefly after security breech – The Irish domains of Google and Yahoo were taken offline after DNS records were hacked. Apparently the IE Domain Registry was hacked and had to take their servers off line. Via E-Week, more here.

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