Considering a Career in Federal Government? Maybe the PMF Program is Right for You!

Are you finishing your graduate degree within this academic year? Did you complete graduate school within the last two years? If you answered “yes” to either of these, then you are eligible to apply to the Presidential Management Fellows Program!

Why you should consider applying:

  • Rotation through several departments to give you a diverse look into how the government operates
  • Includes a competitive salary and benefits
  • 160 hours of classroom training
  • At least one 4 to 6 month developmental assignment
  • Promotion potential

This program will give you a leg-up on your competition and make your resume stand out to employers. According to Robert SanGeorge, career advisor at American University’s School of International Service, the PMF program is “the best way to enter the federal government” and opens the door to positions that are not available to the general public. Most importantly, it “brands you as a star going into government and affects people’s careers 10, 15, 20 years on.” This program could not only get you started in the government, but propel you faster along your career track than you’d be able to move in the traditional way.

Virginia Hill, a former PMF who is currently employed at the National Institutes of Health, cited accelerated promotions and mentorship as the primary benefits of this program. She indicated that the rotation allows you to form many government connections and show your ability to adapt to different work environments. At the close of the two years, fellows are poised to be hired by a government agency of their choice but also are desirable to private sector organizations and non-profits because of the skill set learned in the program.

Want to learn more? Need tips on how to apply? Check out our comprehensive PMF Guide and website.

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Julie Chase

As soon as you tell me “where” other than DC these jobs are available, I know a young person with two degrees looking for work. However, in the David Dean push for hiring only veterans…..looking for a gov job, whether in the new Pathways or PMF, is not happening in DoN for non-vets, period. HR told me so….so faghettabouit. Our agency has not and will not embrace Pathways “until” someone suggests how a sub-agency of DoN is going to “fund” it. IOW, “show me the money”.