Any port in a storm – but what the ones on your PC?

Tech Republic has a quiz on identifying all those little holes in your PC that things plug into.

Yes there are even some PS/2 or IBM PC ones for those working with PCs in 1980’s (a.k.a. the anchient days)

Sadly there is no score so write down your answers. Though you can see how others voted. The quiz is from TRs “IT Dojo”. Dojo is Japanese for ” place of the way ” In english its a study/prctice hall much like a school.

Have fun!


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Jeff Ribeira

Pretty decent quiz (100%). This sentence in the intro kind of scares me though, “As it’s important for IT pros to know a DVI port from an HDMI port…” If an IT anyone, not just pros, doesn’t already know that difference, they probably shouldn’t even be anywhere near a computer! Yikes.

Allen Sheaprd


You are right – everyone should be famirlure with the newer ports. You get a Gold star for knowing the older serial and parallel ports. PS/2 may still be in some offices.