WordPress plugins for government

Last week I was checking out Ari Herzog’s blog post on 17 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Blog, and it got me interested in putting together a video of my personal favorite WordPress plugins. Check it out and please share your favorites here or over on Ari’s site.

Originally posted at GovGirl.com.

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Sam Allgood

Great video. Plan to watch again to pick up some details for personal blog use. I went to govgirl.com and have a question for you. I assume it is a wordpress site, but I noticed something different than my experience. I helped a colleague (total novice to blogging) to purchase and set up a domain name for his wordpress site. It is working, but I notice that even though the domain name takes you to his sight, upon arrival the url address is changed back to the .wordpress.com url, unlike yours which remains as govgirl.com. Any idea what I am missing?



Candace Riddle

@ Sam – If you have purchased a domain name off of another server, like GO Daddy, there are instructions for actually masking the .wordpress domain. It is a bit of a manual process that you have to undertake to point the .wordpress site to the new domain. In other words…wordpress hosts your site and you still do all the backend work there..you just have to enter some codes to make it mask the name.

If you purchased your domain name elsewhere, try searching the site for instructions on how to mask the domain name. Go Daddy has great instructions for this if that is where you got your domain from. I’m a novice and managed to figure it out on my site…though I couldn’t do it again without instructions. 🙂

Kristy Dalton

@Sam There are a couple ways to host a WP site. One is via wordpress.com for free. The other is to host the site yourself or on a 3rd party host (I use Bluehost), and install WP on that server. I did the latter. So when you go to govgirl.com, you’re going to the server at Bluehost, not wordpress.com.