AOKP Goes Nightly, Galaxy Note 10.1 Unveiled and more

The Nexus D was designed and created by a Galaxy Nexus user

  • AOKP (my favorite Android ROM) has released details that they (much like CyanogenMod) will start posting nightly updates for their supported devices. If you have not yet moved to AOKP for your daily driver, I would greatly suggest checking up their website. Via Rootzwiki, more here.
  • Dorian Lust, a mechanical engineer, re-envisioned the Galaxy Nexus while watching the Olympics. He has added colored LEDs down the sides, a fingerprint scanner and IR blaster. As well, the phone is curved for ergonomics and has a kickstand. Via BetaNews, more here.
  • Best Buy offered buyout plan from founder and former chairman of the board. Richard Schulze offered to buy the flailing big box store for a huge surplus (5+ dollars a share over the current stock price). I personally do not shop at big box stores (and would suggest you do the same) but sometimes you have to. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Apple is removing YouTube from iOS6. While some are flipping out about this (others like Gizmodo) saying it will make iOS better, it really just is that the license is up, and Google will most likely recreate their own application. YouTube is a very important app for both Apple and Google, and if Google removed the application completely (or blocked iOS devices) it could get pretty interesting. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • Via the Twitter feed of @SamsungUpdates, the Korean Galaxy Note 10.1 source code has been already published. More here.
  • Blu announces their Vivo 4.3 dual-SIM smartphone. It has a dual-core CPU with Android 4.0 (possibly even vanilla Android). This phone will be good for world travelers that do not require too much from their smartphones. Via Rootzwiki, more here.
  • BetaNews examines what Google could do with their $43B in the bank. While I do not agree with the purchase of Sprint (I like Google’s carrier neutrality too much), it is interesting to see that they have huge cash reserves. – More here.
  • The non-profit behind the OpenGL standard, Khronos Group, announced the release of OpenGL 4.3 and OpenGL ES 3.0 (for mobile devices). This is one of the standards that governs 3D game development for iOS and Android, and combined with more powerful mobile GPUs could help bring better/faster/more polished graphics to your mobile experience. Via TechCrunch, more here.

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