The GovLoop Leadership Guide Companion (3 of 3): Beyond Doing More With Less: Doing Different

The Series

Welcome to the final of three posts intended to help you get the most out of GovLoop’s new leadership guide: 10 Traits of a Great Government Leader.

Each of these posts covers a different theme and, taken together, cover all ten traits in the leadership guide. Our intent is to provide you with some of the materials from our first ever multi-week online course to allow you to walk through them at your own pace. Each post includes:

  • A few traits from the leadership guide we recommend you read
  • An hour-long webinar featuring two accomplished subject matter experts
  • The presentation used by our subject matter experts in their presentation

Beyond Doing More with Less: Doing Different

Under pressure to “do more with less,” it’s more important than ever that leaders are entrepreneurial problem solvers who can creatively and effectively manage human, financial, and technology resources. The final theme is Beyond Doing More With Less: Doing Different. In this section, we recommend you read the following traits of a great government leader in the GovLoop leadership guide (pp. 13-15):

  • Resource Maven
  • Innovative Entrepreneur
  • Cost Cutter

In this final section, our experts, Bill Eggers and Jean Brown, cover ECQs 3 (Results Driven) and 4 (Business Acumen). You can access a recording of the webinar here and can view, download and print the PPT slides, below.

Leadership Training Week 3

View more presentations from GovLoop.

Want More?

Can’t get enough of Beyond Doing More With Less: Doing Different? We’ve got you covered! Here are some additional resources we think you might want to check out, if you’re looking for more information.

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