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April shines a “Spotlight on Leadership”

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The “Spotlight on Leadership Campaign” runs each April in the U.S. Coast Guard. Though the campaign is USCG-specific,the themes are nearly universally applicable in business, government, non-profits, or anywhere else you work and serve. I hope that Coasties and non-Coasties alike who read this blog will take the themes to heart, consider their importance in your life and work, discuss them with your colleagues, and leave comments and feedback here so that all can discuss. This is a new effort for me, so I am excited to see how it works out.

A recent announcement explained:

“This campaign offers a unique opportunity for us to highlight the importance of leadership and professional development, and to recognize best practices…

“While leadership is an important topic everyday, a concentrated effort to focus on development and recognition can pay of with a return on investment well into the future.”

Over the next four weeks, I’ll focus on a different leadership competency here in my Wednesday blog post. This year’s areas to focus on are:

  1. Accountability and Responsibility
  2. Influencing Others
  3. Decision Making and Problem Solving
  4. External Awareness

As you take on each topic yourself, and with your colleagues, consider how you do so in a way that is innovative, creative, tied to promoting leadership competencies within your organization or unit, full of potential for future use, applicable as a Best Practice, comprehensive (several elements used vs. one or two), inclusive (all personnel considered Target Audience), participatory, and fun.

If you are in the Coast Guard, consider how your unit can participate and perhaps enter the contest.

To everyone, good luck – I look forward to your initial thoughts on this, and to taking up the issue of Accountability and Responsibility in next Wednesday’s post. Please pass this post on to everyone you know!

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