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Independence Day reflection – A holiday for all Americans

Originally posted on at Friends, Family, Shipmates, Colleagues: Independence Day weekend is upon us, and I want to wish you, your families, and friends a happy and safe couple of days. Earlier today I sent messages to my teams both at my day job at USIS and in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, soRead… Read more »

Memorial Day reflection, that “Our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom”

Originally posted on at One stone wall of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC is home to a quote for which we have General George Marshall to be thankful. “We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle our flag will be recognized throughout the world as aRead… Read more »

America’s Top Military Officer Uses Business (and interdisciplinary thinking) to Boost National Security

Originally posted to at I have grown to appreciate the value of interdisciplinary thinking. Put another way, I have found that my experiences in business, the Coast Guard, education, non-profits, information technology, even retail have together prepared me to better tackle a variety of challenges across industries, organizations, venues. Of course, I doRead… Read more »

Hospital ship USNS Mercy deploys, represents humanity at its best

Originally posted on at Deployments of the United States Naval Hospital Ship USNS Comfort have become one of my favorite topics to cover here. In reverse chronological order over the last year: Haitian Mother and Child Reunited Aboard USS Nassau; Christopher Albon on “Designing The Next Hospital Ship and Lessons From Haiti”; USNSRead… Read more »

What Nutragenomics, custom Nikes, and ordering take out tell us about American political life

Originally posted on at Have you ever heard of Nutritional Genomics? “Nutragenomics,” they call it, it’s a science I have been told has revealed much about the complex interactions between diet and genes. I’ve even been told that it could make possible what is called “personalized nutrition,” whereby in several years one mightRead… Read more »

“Decision Making and Problem Solving” about committing to action, even in uncertain situations

Originally posted on at The “spotlight on leadership” this week focuses on “decision making and problem solving,” begging the question, how do we involve others in decisions while still making good judgements when it is time to commit to action? Go ahead, I await your thoughts… There is a lot more to decisionRead… Read more »

Service Leadership highlighted at yesterday’s Excellence in Government Conference

Originally posted on at I spent the day yesterday at the “Excellence in Government Conference” focusing mostly on developing a leadership culture within organizations, but to a lesser extent (at least in the sessions I attended and discussions I had) on citizen engagement through social media, a culture of service, and managing actualRead… Read more »

Former students, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarists from The College of William & Mary, carry on their lives of service

Originally posted at We enter this week’s installment of the “Spotlight on Leadership” campaign with a “why do you serve” post that is very close to my heart. I should actually say that this Monday I am taking the opportunity not to ask the question “why do you serve,” but rather to highlight threeRead… Read more »

“Accountability and Responsibility” are the personal values upon which success is built

Original post on is available at Have a look, and thank you for reading! Today is the first Wednesday in the April “Spotlight on Leadership Campaign” during which we will investigate a different aspect of leadership each week. Today’s is “Accountability and Responsibility,” aptly the first as I tend to regard personal accountabilityRead… Read more »

April shines a “Spotlight on Leadership”

Original post from found at The “Spotlight on Leadership Campaign” runs each April in the U.S. Coast Guard. Though the campaign is USCG-specific,the themes are nearly universally applicable in business, government, non-profits, or anywhere else you work and serve. I hope that Coasties and non-Coasties alike who read this blog will take theRead… Read more »