Are You Making These Mistakes With Government Contracts?

Government contracts are a lucrative asset if utilized properly, of the already existent contractors that hold contracts a small portion fulfill their task orders to its full term due to small mistakes. Staying abreast of your contracts activities can help you avoid making these mistakes:

  • Non-performance– Do not bid on a task if you are not able to perform the requirements, be selective, research, and use your best judgement.
  • Core Competency– Stay within your core competency nobody is interested in a jack of all trades you can run the risk of losing focus of your original goal and confusing the government as well as any potential buyers.
  • Relationship Building– Although most communications are conducted electronically meeting representatives face-to-face, or via telephone are needed, in addition joining associations and attending conference are another way of building rapport.
  • Inconsistencies– Continually being inconsistent with responses and/or requirements to tasks does not present you or your business in a good light maintain your focus and keep in contact with all parties involved.
  • Commitment– You need to commit to keep trying should you lose the award there are always more opportunities out there.
  • Slacking– If you are not going to commit to the hardships required to fulfill the tasks then do yourself a favor and participate when you are ready.
  • Team Building– Ensure that everyone on your team are for you and are in agreement and understand what your companies goals are.

Possible consequences of not effectively managing government contracts are termination of contract, being placed on the excluded parties listing system (EPLS), or creating a not so positive name for your company. Build your business success by creating a professional, solid foundation in the federal marketplace.

* Calculations obtained from Federal Procurement Data System

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Corey McCarren

For one business that I work for (not GovLoop) I’ve contracted out graphical work and web design, and the inconsistencies were to the point of absurdity. They did very well for graphic design, but when it came to web design it was a much bigger project and I think both sides got frustrated due to miscommunication (we are both on opposite corners of the Earth).

Ilene Giles

Corey a clear definition of how the requirements are going to be fulfilled needs to be discussed and put in writing prior to following through with it’s tasks unfortunately some companies do not take the time in doing so