Are You Ready to Help Your Agency Level Up?

Are you ready to help your organization level up?

In a recent post I challenged us all to embrace a growth mindset because, in short, a growth mindset understands there is little space for ego and how each new growth opportunity affects not just the self, but the whole organization.

The next level of the growth mindset is applying that same thinking to developing a learning organization, and I’d like to share some thoughts about your agency or organization can get there. If you’ve heard about this before don’t shut me down just yet. I know that if you were to perform an internet search of “learning organization” you’d find hundreds upon hundreds of articles and opinions on this subject. I’m not here to convince you that my point of view is the best, just to share another perspective.

Here’s my definition of a learning organization: A learning organization is one where all within are continuously encouraged to exercise a growth mindset, take calculated risks, practice unfettered creativity, work outside of their individual egos, and strive to make meaningful contributions for the good of the whole that can lead to continual renewal and transformation of the organization.

One of this year’s initiatives for the State of Nebraska Training & Development team is to produce a podcast that highlights the services provided by the department as well as gives our teammates from around the state an opportunity to get to know the people and projects within our agency, Administrative Services.

A few weeks ago we recorded an episode featuring our agency Director, and one of the questions we asked was about his vision for the agency and how the training and development team can help execute that vision. In his response, he spoke about how we create a learning organization, among other things.

It starts with something small. A willingness to step outside business as usual. Perhaps it’s just an idea, something you think has the potential to move the needle and make a difference for the whole organization. I’m paraphrasing here, but our Director intimated that not every victory has to be a grand slam. If we’re willing to step up and try something that ends with a small win, then we can use the momentum from that win and try it on a bigger scale. Those victories can add up, increasing in significance until they eventually result in positive growth for the entire organization.

We have to be willing to learn, to grow, to keep moving forward as individual contributors. If you have an idea be bold, present your idea and ask about implementing on a small scale. Start building a practice of learning and watch what happens around you.

Lisa Menke is a GovLoop Featured Contributor. She is a digital media developer who is passionate about the intersection where opportunities for professional growth and participatory culture meet. As a training specialist for the State of Nebraska, Lisa is currently responsible for the creation of digital media in support of agency training & development, and communications. Read her posts here

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Isaac Constans

Happy to hear that Nebraska is prioritizing training and development – seems to be increasingly a priority in governments nowadays.