Are you using capture software? Can you help AIIM find the best products?

Over the last few months, AIIM has gathered hundreds of product ratings from industry professionals and users of Capture software. We will make the results available in a report we are developing with well known industry analyst Harvey Spencer.

Here’s the current issue if you are a capture vendor or partner or user — Some of the products are getting a LOT of user ratings, while some are only receiving a few ratings.

The following vendors have quite a few ratings already, but could always use more…

  • Kofax – Capture (formerly Ascent Capture)
  • Adobe – Acrobat
  • EMC Captiva – Captiva InputAccel
  • Kodak – KODAK Capture Pro
  • IBM – FileNet Capture Professional
  • Hyland – Document Imaging
  • ABBYY – ABBYY FineReader
  • Kofax – Transformation Modules
  • Outback Imaging – EzeScan

The following products have a mid-level of support, but would benefit from a wider group of participants…

  • IBM – FileNet Capture (ADR)
  • Nuance – eCopy ShareScan
  • AnyDoc Software, Inc. – OCR for AnyDoc
  • Notable Solutions – AutoStore
  • Canon – Capture Perfect
  • Datacap (now owned by IBM) — Taskmaster
  • KnowledgeLake – Capture for SharePoint
  • Laserfiche – Quick Fields
  • Oracle – Oracle Document Capture
  • Xerox – DocuShare
  • EMC Captiva – Captiva e-input

And lastly, this last group of products frankly needs more ratings!

  • A2iA,
  • Autonomy,
  • OpenText,
  • Readsoft,
  • Parascript,
  • ISIS Papyrus,
  • Brainware,
  • and BancTec.
    [Note…these are a sample of the vendors in the survey; not everyone listed above…]

Here’s the link to make your own ratings or to send to your partners, peers, and customers.

If you want more information, check out our Capture and Imaging Community.

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