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Federal Capture Management – Identifying Teaming Partners

When you receive a proposal from a contractor, it typically includes a number of teaming partners all singing in unison that they are the only ones in world who understand your mission, can fulfill your requirements, etc. So what brings two or more companies together to pursue a federal contract opportunity? Well, there are aRead… Read more »

What is Your Strategy for Fiscal-Year End Buying Season?

I’m sure a lot of you are in high sales mode as we wrap up another federal fiscal year buying season. You are implementing your sales and call plans and the pressure is on to produce. David Sonde, managing partner at Winvale, recently provided end-of-the-fiscal-year sales advice to GovPro that you might find valuable. AlongRead… Read more »

Content Management Strategies for the #Social, #Mobile and #Cloud Era

Five-hour course to inspire IT professionals, information strategists and process owners with new approaches, best practices and success stories Our Boot Camp seminar series, “5 Steps to Victory over Manual Processes,” will be held in seven cities — Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and Minnetonka, Minn. — from October 2 to OctoberRead… Read more »

How To Manage Proposal Consultant Costs

Consultants often get the blame for high proposal costs because their fees are an obvious big-ticket item. Many business developers tell me, however, that when they tally up the proposal costs at the end of the proposal effort, it is not the consultants that blow the budget. Surprisingly, it’s the in-house employee costs that takeRead… Read more »

How to recognize IDIQs and Task Order patterns and use them to your advantage

IDIQs are now one of the most used form of government procurement, and if your company is not on any of those vehicles you might be missing a significant increase in your revenue. One major difficulty with IDIQ contracts is that even if you got on the “bus” (an IDIQ vehicle) you’ll still need toRead… Read more »

How to benefit the most from working with proposal consultants, and 30% Spring discount

One type of growth challenge that business developers and owners face stems from not having enough time, personnel, or expertise to prepare and respond to the solicitations that otherwise would be a perfect fit for the company. You may be completely new to hiring consultants. You may be worn thin from all the heavy hoursRead… Read more »

Success Factors In Federal Business Development

How hard can it be to do federal business development? All you need is to be good with people and a willingness to talk to decision makers, right? If it were so easy, why for years has BD been given a bad name, and why have many companies struggled to hire business developers who produceRead… Read more »

6 Steps To Put Your Proposal Team On The Same Page

Unless you are incredibly lucky and everyone assigned to the proposal is a great writer, you will need to do some just-in-time training to get everyone on the same page. The same goes for conceptualizing graphics. Here is how you go about quickly getting everyone on board to create a winning proposal. Step 1. AssessRead… Read more »

Frontload your cost proposal strategy and raise your Price to Win

It’s a given – price is important. However, price proposals are often prepared at the last minute, without much review, customization, or polishing. But what can we do as proposal managers? Often the best of us resort to continuously checking when the cost proposal will be done, assisting with scheduling cost volume reviews, or simplyRead… Read more »

The six aspects of capturing Government contracts

With capture, many companies focus on the obvious: what are the company’s internal capabilities and the offering – and what can the company do in response to the customer needs. However, there are multiple other factors to take into account when capturing a contract that are all too often overlooked. There is no one rightRead… Read more »