Aristotle is Facebook for Geeks (live-blogging at the Gov20 symposium in DC)

Dr. Joel C. Sercel, President and Founder, ICS Associates
Aristotle is facebook for geeks, by and For DoD scientists and engineers
(Applied Minds)

7 habits of highly effective Web/Gov 2.0 Enterprises
More beta!
Know your user base
Active outreach — PR and marketing — is crucial for gov20
Active gardening (cleaning out the weeds and detritus, formal and informal, from top and from bottom)
Prime the pump — the more content, the better the content, the more people who use it
Embrace the cult of trust (culture of change)
Leadership (from the top and from the bottom)

Aristotle: Personal tutor of Alexander
Aristotle the person nwas a master of learning and knowledge, ready to give Alexander everything he knew at any time.

Aristotle the collaborative environment: People, projects and topics. What you need to know, when and how you need to know it.
Became a social networking system.

For people, Aristotle is a little like LinkedIn yet designed for the DoD infrastructure with powerful permissions and security protocols. Allows DoD employees and contractors to interact online, while maintaining security and permission settings. (Contractors can’t see everything, etc.)

With projects, Aristotle creates organizational networks of projects. It also shows you relationships between projects, as well as project data.
Aristotle uses GRAPH data model, database. Models real-world relationships, enables users to discover connections, real-time fully referential updating, multi-path search. Nodes are people, projects, topics and documents — you can cross-reference and search multiple layers in the nodes.

Aristotle ties everything together. Network of knowledge networks tied together for collaboration.

Ver 1 deployed at Air Force with DTIC, 10,000 users for Ver 1.
Ver 2 has limited roll-out to larger audience Sept 15 for greater testing and pilot activities.
Available to all DoD October 2009

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