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X-Prize winners, heros, and setting up Gov2.0 prizes / challenges – livingblogging #pfgov conference

John Shore, Senior Director, PIA X-Prize X-Prize Foundation Mission: To bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity Some thoughts on best practices for running a prize or challenge to solve a problem, meet a need. Hallmark attributes of large incentive prize competitions High Leverage Efficiency Encourage industry development Donate to a non-profitRead… Read more »

USAID Gov20 Challenge – 6 lessons learned – Liveblogging the conference

Carol Grigsby, Deputy Director, USAID Development 2.0 Challenge Six Lessons Learned 1. A challenge process will be less than comfortable for many US agencies the first time, will encounter some internal resistance 2. Choosing a challenge implementer — stipulate all expectations regarding working relationship, deliverables, etc., and choose and organization with an established community ofRead… Read more »

Roadkill and Apps for Democracy — Liveblogging #pfgov symposium

Chris Willey, CTO, District of Columbia Apps for Democracy Killer app, so to speak, is the DC-centric “Roadkill Reporter”: The story: The imperative: democratize data The problem: Data Accessibility for All The Solution: Apps for Democracy 2008 (open source tools in 30 days) Gold Prize Winner: DC Historic Tours Digital Public Square: WeRead… Read more »

NASA innovation prizes – liveblogging from #pfgov

Centennial Challenges NASA prizes for the citizen inventor Diana Palmer Hoyt Manager, Strategic Planning Innovative Partnerships Program, NASA HQ Why does NASA offer prizes / challenges? Because what we do is very difficult, and we’re looking for heroic solutions to the grand challenges of our vision. Well-executed, smart Prize programs hold the promise to deliverRead… Read more »

Gov20 Collaboration Best Practices – Dan Munz at #pfgov

Shaping a Public Dialogue What works (we think!) Dan Munz @dan_munz NAPA National Academy of Public Administration Founded by former NASA head looking for expert management advice Our mission / vision questions are around: How can we make government better, more effective, more accessible, etc. Collaborative tools are mainstream Nearly every federal agency has figuredRead… Read more »

ForgeMil liveblogging “Community development is a contact sport”

Guy Martin, Community Manager [email protected] @guyma @ForgeMil “Government community development is a contact sport” @guyma @ForgeMil #pfgov #gov20 Vision: Develop a streamlined software development process for GIG (Global Information Grid) DoD Approach: Collaborative environment supporting all stakeholders through the lifecycle Why are we doing this? (Community Rationale) Software code has become central toRead… Read more »

TSA IdeaFactory – Liveblogging Gov20 symposium

TSA IdeaFactory Tina Cariola, Program Manager, TSA Web-based tool empowering employing to submit ideas, provide comments on how to improve new concepts, etc. IdeaFactory launched in April 2007 to address 3 key needs: Engage employees — 50,000+ workforce spread all over the country Collect constant fresh input about how to improve safety and operations DisseminateRead… Read more »

State Dept: Liveblogging Public Diplomacy / Gov 2.0 Innovation Dr Jonathan Margolis

Dr. Jonathan Margolis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Gov 2.0 Innovation / Public Diplomacy Mission: Engage, inform and influence foreign audiences in discussions about topics that are central to US interests. How will we use Web 2.0 tools and technologies to achieve this mission? One solution follows: Democracy video challenge: Challenge young filmmakers, democracy advocatesRead… Read more »

Aristotle is Facebook for Geeks (live-blogging at the Gov20 symposium in DC)

Dr. Joel C. Sercel, President and Founder, ICS Associates Aristotle is facebook for geeks, by and For DoD scientists and engineers (Applied Minds) 7 habits of highly effective Web/Gov 2.0 Enterprises More beta! Know your user base Active outreach — PR and marketing — is crucial for gov20 Active gardening (cleaning out the weeds andRead… Read more »

State Dept: Liveblogging eDiplomacy at Gov20 symposium

Dan Sheerin, Deputy Director, eDiplomacy Office, US Dept of State Lessons learned from Diplopedia and Communities @ State One thing we’re doing: Bring diplomats into the IT decision-making process Online collaboration / crowdsourcing tool — the “Secretary’s Inbox” — for suggestions and ideas for Secretary of State Clinton. How do we use technology in thisRead… Read more »