What Does Government 2.0 Mean To You? (Tell us! Call for video response is open!)

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As many of you know, I’ve built a new conference, Gov 2.0 Summit, around the idea of the government as platform: how can government design programs to be generative, to use Zittrain’s phrase? How do we get beyond the idea that participation means “public input” (shaking the vending machine to get more or better services out of it), and over to the idea that it means government building frameworks that enable people to build new services of their own?

I’ve been talking a lot about this topic recently, so there are plenty of places to to see and hear what I think. (Here are links to my Forbes column on Gov 2.0, an interview with Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, my interview with Mark Amtower on Federal News Radio, and my Radar talk at this year’s OSCON. (Gov 2.0 remarks start about 9:45 in, with my idea of what Gov 2.0 is really about starting at around 16 minutes.)) And in a few weeks, you can hear the latest thinking from some key people in the world of policy and technology at Gov 2.0 Summit.

But I’d like to reach beyond the voices of the people on stage at that event, and include your voices. So I’m throwing out an invitation in the form of a question: what does Gov 2.0 mean to you? The question is intentionally open to interpretation in a variety of ways, so go to town!

I’d like to hear from you through short video clips; just tag them with #whatisgov2 and post them to your favorite video service by September 2. Details about the video invitation are here. I’ll take some of the best of these videos to Gov 2.0 Summit in two weeks, and make them part of the conversation there.

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Cool. Will post a video blog about what Gov 2.0 means.

Government is facing and tackling the largest problems facing are planet from environment to health care to terrorism. To me, government 2.0 is finding the next wave of government problem solving and service delivery. Different culture, different actors, different pace….