ASPA Annual Conference Event: ASPA’s On the Move….

Today, April 10, 2010, I attended and participated in my first ASPA National Council Meeting. Today, I am proud to say that I served my constituents (ASPA’s Students and New
Professionals) as a full voting member of the National Council—The
Student Representative on National Council. President Elect, Meredith
Newman, has stated throughout the conference that ASPA is on the move
and this is quite evident. ASPA is not only holding its own as a
generalist organization in a world that is more and more specialized
each day, but ASPA is also really focusing on public administration
without borders, the theme to the 2011 ASPA Annual Conference.

At the National Council it’s clear that ASPA is advancing excellence in public service by removing the barriers, stereotypes, and stigmas between and among groups such as students, practitioners, academics, and
pracacademics and between geographic jurisdictions which provide and
promote public service. The inclusive nature and forward movement of
ASPA is further demonstrated by the addition of the Student
Representative and the International Director to the National Council,
who are responsible for helping ASPA reach new heights. This is a time
of opportunity where ASPA is taking advantage of these hard times and
advancing its technologies and service delivery tools, and building
upon, enhancing, and expanding its programs and events.

I look forward to helping ASPA achieve greatness.

Jose Luis Irizarry, MPA, MA
Student Rep., ASPA National Council

Adjunct, Department of Public Management, John Jay College Of Criminal


Adjunct, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, St. Francis



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