Attributes of a leader Through Ownership and not Personal Possession

Whenever we mention ownership we reluctantly scrutinize who actually owns, be it a car, house, organisation, political party or even the country. We tend to limit ourselves to personal possession. Ownership covers a great ideal of setups. It goes beyond an individual; it stretches to family, community, society, district, province, country and the entire globe. It is also not limited to monetary terms but goes also to values, norms among other intangibles we attach to identification or culture.
A bad leader ties ownership to personal possession. Mind you the two are totally different, where ownership holds future responsibilities and personal possession is limited to a person’s life time. Every day of our life, we intend to establish ownership by creating wealth, space, value among many aspect we identify as good, for our children for the least and the future generation to come. Realising such a juncture need attributes of a good leader to understand how ownership against personal possession will be like during the life time Mother Nature will offer one.

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