Austin IRS Attack

The attack on our fellow Employees in Austin reinforces once again the importance of recognizing who Federal Employees and Managers are. We are Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters. We are good neighbors and proud civil servants. We get up every day to go to work to serve our Country and provide for our families. Many served in the U. S. Military. We believe in hard work and strongly support charitable organizations. We contribute to FEEA to help those in need and to provide educational opportunities. We are ordinary citizens who work hard to fulfill our Agencies missions and to strengthen our Country.

I am proud to be an IRS Manager. I am honored to work every day with Men and Women who dedicate themselves to ensuring all contribute fairly according to the law. Our IRS Managers and Employees perform admirably in often difficult circumstances to ensure we remain a Nations of laws that apply equally to all.

The attack is Austin was an act of evil. There is no justification or appropriate rationalization. As a Nation we cannot excuse this type of behavior or use it as an excuse to push whatever agenda one may have. Those who have made internet postings in support of this madness need to recognize they are supporting murder of their fellow citizens. No real or imagined grievence justifies this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by this terrible event. I am proud to see the strong support they are receiving from IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, IRS Leadership and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner as well as the whole IRS Community. In a time of mourning it is Government Service at its best.

Ken McDaniels
IRS National Conference Chairman
Federal Managers Association

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