What is your Favorite Gov’t Widget?

Building on GovLoop’s recent post:

What is your favorite Gadget?

My question to you is what Gov’t Widgets do you use?

Here is a new one from the IRS, very nicely done:


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Pablo Castro G.

I use a lot of RSS news feeders, so i can keep trak of goverment news and state department articles.

Please feel free to recommend me some gov’t feeds, so i can add them to my readers.
thank you
regards from Uruguay


Opening it up to non-gov’t social apps and widgets that we can learn from. Zynga Poker (on Facebook) is now the #1 Fan site, with the most fans.

Why? It’s a great model. They use many social tools and ideas to get the poker players to work together. There are “friends”, there are contests wherein you can help your friends win more chips, there are fundraisers, i.e., if you buy a certain number of chips, they give a percentage to Haiti.

Very easy to navigate, with daily opportunites to share chips and win chips. Chat. Check it out..

It is all just for fun, there are no cash winnings.


Yes it qualifies! Any site or app will do. I want to try to demonstrate how easy it would be to take our favorite apps and turn them into widgets, and how nice it would be if we had our own .gov dashboards to collect and access those widgets, share those widgets, modify those widgets, preserve and maintain those widgets…etc.

Bret Martin

A great idea – a .gov dashboard for widgets. There is so much re-inventing the wheel, especially across state and municipal governments. It seems there should be a centralized sharing of useful gov apps, especially with the tight budgets currently.