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Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Discussions

I am looking for success (or failure) stories of AMR in small Muni’s to bump a stalled project. Need to figure out how to get buy in from the low-tech manpower side and samples of working or non-working deployments.

Basically we have a stalled project with excuses that it doesn’t work, they don’t understand, we will lose our jobs situations. Full training has been provided, field deployment has been proven but resistance and sabotage continues.

New top management is on board but bottom up buy-in is always required for successful solutions and middle management is still resistant (still trying to figure out why) so the search is on for best practices.

If someone could point me to an appropriate forum I would repeat this there – Didn’t find any specifics on initial searches.


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Paulette Neal-Allen

Stephen – We went to AMR a couple of years ago. Thornton has approx. 120K residents.

I’m in IT so I may not be your best resource, but if you’ll email me at paulette dot neal hyphen allen at city of thornton dot net I can direct you to the person who has the job position that you are intersteed in talking to.

Pam Broviak

We are a city of almost 10,000, and it sounds like you are exactly where we were a few years ago. Today, we have a fixed network system, and devices and new meters have been installed for all but about 2% of the customers. Right now I have a post up on my blog that just touches on this topic and my experience. (http://www.publicworksgroup.com/blog)

As you can imagine, there is a very long and involved story about how we got to where you are, and how we moved forward. Would love to share it with you if you are interested. Probably best to do this over the phone. My number at the city is 815-223-7041.

Stephen W Nolen

Thanks – I would love to chat sometime next week. We have about 13,000 meters so we are close. Will read your blog and absorb. Thanks!