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Maiden voyage

Like the Titanic, this is my maiden voyage in the realm of blogging, and I hope not to hit any icebergs. I am very fond of my husband, Ed, and my first born, Eddie, who are already onboard here. I am also very fond of my younger son, Ian, who has not worked with the Federal government so he is not on board here yet. I feel like Samuel Pepys after the great fire in London, but without the EVENT to frame my thoughts. The first moon walk, 911, and the Kennedy assinassion are defining points in my life. (My age is showing here.) I am not as eloquent as my husand who is writing a weekly blog on this forum, but as the muse stricks me, I hope to post a few bon mots.

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Paulette Neal-Allen

Kathy, I understand! I don’t blog very often because I don’t really consider myself very interesting. I usually just stick to pointing out things that I think are link-worthy.

OTOH, you’re certainly not going to sink!

Have a great Friday!