Band-aids on symptoms in the UK

The ridiculous proposition from the UK government overnight that access to social media for those participating in social unrest (and, yes, blatant criminality) beggars belief.

The problems currently in the UK are, undoubtedly, symptomatic of a wide and deep set of infernally complex circumstances in that nation for which the seeds were sewn many years back; William Hague’s “we are all Thatcher’s children” words have more than a nugget of truth to them.

Taking away social network access was unconscionable in the face of uprisings in the Middle East earlier this year. It’s no different in this case. Root causes must be addressed. Social reform is absolutely critical to begin mending the broken state of UK society.

And, yes, criminal inciting and participating in illegal acts need to be caught and punished according to the law.

I was on ABC News Radio this morning discussing this matter.

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