Are you a Courageous Follower or Leader???

So I know when you hear the word follower, when you hear the word you don’t think of a leader. Well that’s not always true. At the NextGen training summit, Mr. Ira Chaleff states most of us are leaders in some situations and followers in others.

Everyone from the Secretary on down is both a leader and a follower. Some followers become partners with their leaders. Others do not. What makes the difference? How do you build the trust that allows you to effectively “speak truth to power”? These skills reduce cynicism and save organizations from serious missteps. It takes a great follower to become a great leader.

The five dimensions of courageous followership are:

  1. The courage to assume responsibility- create opportunities to fulfil your potential and maximize your value to the organization.

  2. The courage to serve-Hard worker and as passionate as the leader in pursing the organizations purpose.

  3. The courage to Challenge-willing to voice yourself in uncomfortable situations

  4. The courage to participate in transformations-adaptable to change

  5. The courage to take moral action-taking a stand that is different from the leader.

In his book it states “You can’t by definition, have a world of only leaders!” and “To think of leaders without followers is like thinking of teachers without students.

So now ask yourself, in this stage of your career are you leader or a follower???? #nextgengov

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