Become a powerful communicator every time you speak to your audience

TJ Walker, Media and Presentation Expert will be sponsored by the Resume Place, Inc. for a two-day class in Baltimore, MD. Learn how to speak before groups, briefings and panel interviews. What you need is Preparation and Practice.

Four years ago, Kathryn Troutman traveled to New York City to practice her popular workshop curriculum, Ten Steps to a Federal Job curriculum, and my media messages with TJ Walker. We took videos and replayed them. We talked about my strengths and my weaknesses. It was great and Kathryn has more confidence as an Instructor, Speaker or media invitations. Kathryn memorized her messages before the training session, in order to speak about her passion for federal resume writing and landing a position within the US Civil Service.

One day with TJ Walker, you will be asking for a listing on the agenda for your next briefing!

Consider our two day program for Media and Presentation Training. Details are here:

YouTube Video of TJ Walker and the training program in Baltimore:

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