Being Better Than Your Best

Quote: “If I am through learning, I am through.” – John Wooden

Wouldn’t you agree that people who have more information have a tremendous advantage over people who don’t?

Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. Set yourself apart from every one else in your organization, through continual learning. Commit to becoming better.

The fact is that most of your knowledge in the workplace will be obsolete in about two years. That’s why you have to keep building on the knowledge you already have. Continue to upgrade your skills.

One way you can increase your education is to decrease your entertainment. Did you know that the average American watches 6 hours of television every day? That’s 42 hours a week, more than an eight-hour workweek. Imagine what you could do if you just eliminated one hour of TV watching per day. That would give you seven hours in a week. What could you accomplish? You could learn a new skill for your job, learn a new language, spend time with your family or could simply read.

What I know for sure is that leaders in every organization are readers. They are constantly taking in information from every possible source. What about you? Now is the time to prepare, so when opportunity knocks, you’ll have the skills you need.

Action Item: Make a list of 5 things you could be doing instead of watching TV. Eliminate 1 hour of TV per day and do those 5 things.

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David B. Grinberg

Meiko: excellent advice. But what do you think if one’s TV watching is mostly limited to educational, informational, news and substantive programming?

Scott Kearby

One thing I have tried with my kids is to pick out one lesson from Kahn Academy every night & watch that … they are generally only about 10 minutes … it can be a subject they are working on at school, or something else that we decide on. Even if we miss a night here and there … or sometimes a few consecutive nights … it is very easy to re-start. Try it, you’ll like it!