Belkin Releases Secure Headset Adapter as the Ideal Security Solution for Classified Discussions Held Where Computers Are Present

New Secure Headset Adapter Is the Only Solution on the Market that Enables Use of Analog Devices in a Secure Environment to Help Thwart Cyber Attacks and other Security Breaches

Belkin, a trusted leader of technology solutions for office, classroom, IT infrastructure, and mobile environments, today announced its release of the Belkin Secure Headset Adapter, the newest in the company’s line of award-winning secure products. The adapter is designed to securely connect analog audio devices to computers in a secure environment with ease and simplicity.

For Internet-connected computers located inside high security zones where classified calls and meetings take place, using audio devices may cause a security breach if not properly protected. Such computers are often used with headphones, speakers, or microphones to enable conference calls. These Internet-connected computers can be compromised by hackers to remotely enable their microphones or headsets, using them to “listen” in to surrounding environment.

To avoid these problems, Luis Artiz, director of product management, Business Division, Belkin International, said that the Belkin Secure Headset Adapter is the only solution available today that enables the use of analog audio devices in a secure environment. “It is the perfect security solution where classified discussions are held in an environment where computers are present,” said Artiz. “It should be used whenever analog audio devices are used—in boardrooms, offices, defense, the military, and other areas where sensitive conversations take place.”

The Belkin Secure Headset Adapter works by using an audio diode to assure unidirectional audio flow, preventing the headphones from being used as a microphone. A time-limited activation button disconnects the microphone when it is not in active use, making it impossible to keep the microphone open when a call is not in progress. The user must periodically press the button to extend the audio call if needed.

The Belkin Secure Headset Adapter also includes many additional security features:

  • An anti-tampering mechanism, which permanently disables the audio adapter upon detecting any tampering
  • OTP protected firmware stored on a non-programmable ROM
  • Complete isolation of the audio switch from the computer
  • High-quality audio via active diode circuitry, which assures audio passes in the required direction with no distortion or attenuation
  • Easy integration and operation, with no USB Interface, no changes to existing audio equipment, and no use of unsecured USB audio interface.

The adapter, which weighs just over half a pound, supports all AC’97 CODECS on-board or audio cards, and HD Audio Codecs. It also supports a wide range of Belkin Secure desktop products, including KVM and KM switches.


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