Best Audio Clips from NCDD 2012 Seattle

looking back badgeDuring the 2012 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation in Seattle, longtime NCDD member and supporter, John Spady (currently heading up the National Dialogue Network), spent a considerable amount of time capturing audio (and some video, as well). I reached out to him recently asking, of all the audio he captured at the event, what would he like to share with the community as we look back at the conference.

His first response was to insist that we share the short, personal audio from NCDD’s Director, Sandy Heierbacher, focusing on “Why We Do These Conferences”…

Along with this, his favorites include the audio of the plenary talks given by Carolyn Lukensmeyer and Eric Liu…

But he also wanted to make sure our community hadn’t missed the “bonus” audio (recorded the day before the NCDD conference and at the University of Washington) from Stuart Elway, regional public pollster in the Cascadia region…

…or the audio and video snippet (you can view the video here) from (then) King County Sheriff Steve Strachan who talks about the intersection of “Mental Health and Gun Control”. It’s a really a great piece, though if you watch the video you’ll need to be a little patient with the audio as it is a bit out of sync with the video.

All of this audio (and much more) is available on Soundcloud at or from this blog post here on the NCDD website.

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