Government “8-5pm” farewell, Welcome to Corporate America.

In today’s economy with gas prices as high as they are, timing couldn’t be much better and in our favor to officially introduce the new branch of office, the one that is going to be open when we have time, and when we need them. It’s 2013, if your not in Corporate America, or in the cloud, then your missing out. Corporate America gives people like myself, like yourself, the opportunity to eliminate the barrier, the timidity, and the fear of communicating with others of needs. The best part–it stays open year round, at all hours all the time.

Sure some of us are creatures of habit, and the whole idea of a government shutdown has created the anxious feeling of “impending doom”. There’s so many positive things that this shutdown has brought upon the general population that weren’t possible before. Yes, there is people not working and that doesn’t mean they are not employable. Why not take the time you have and touch up on your skills, maybe learn about the new jobs on the rise and start a new career. I know that’s what I did. I took advantage of online school, and it keeps me motivated daily to see more and more opportunities than ever before. If yesterday was a struggle, that’s because I was trying to live the way we were all taught to live and I’m here to tell all of you tio not panic, be greatful the government shut down because it is the only way we were going to get involved and take voting and politics more serious, as well as ourselves. Get involved, and not just on voting day, but everyday. It’s our responsibility to check and see what’s going on in our lives and communities, What else do we want? Everything we needed, was put together, so all the work has been done for us. Now it’s participation from the people that will keep the government open and running smoothly. Not to mention, it builds self esteem to know your doing something good by providing feedback, and making it into an idea, and sharing it across the network.

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Martha Austin

Thank you for highlighting the importance and significance of investing in yourself. Good for you!! I had a client just last week tell me that she was thrilled with the government shutdown because it gave her the opportunity to focus on her personal growth. She noted that because of her work with me when she goes back to work, she can show up as a more effective, resilient leader. Sounds like a benefit for all of us, I think. http://www.consciousleadershipblueprint.com

Virginia Morales Teran


I’ve never been so excited about something I know so little about. It’s foreign to me and I found I have passion and I want to join in and learn from people like your self.

Virginia Morales Teran


I downloaded the complimentary book and I’m looking foward to reading more of your blogs, as well as Martha’s and everyone else in Govloop. Thank you ladies for reading my post.