Book Review: Content Strategy for the WEB


One of the missing elements in most Web projects these days is the creation and management of content. It’s as though teams think its enough to just put up a container and content will appear.

During the past year I’ve watch multiple sites stood up with weeks of effort and then try to cram content creation in two days. The results have always been a disaster. I don’t know why this is, but it seems a consistent theme. Good content takes time and effort.

I’m just finishing up Kristina Halvorson‘s book, ISBN 978-0321620064, Well worth the read for anyone working with WEB, SharePoint or Information Management in general. It’s a short, very concentrated read full of good insights on the why and how to’s of managing the Content Development Process. She doesn’t address the why content is often overlooked, but she does address the process behind creating good content.

Included in her book are references to many other books that dive deeper into specific topics, such as Influencer Marketing, MultiMedia content, and Information Architecture. I’d call it the Cliff Notes of Content Management.

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