Boulder employers want workers to clock in on their commute

Hoping to receive a federal grant for WiFi on regional bus routes serving the US 36 corridor, Boulder (CO) officials are asking employers if they would allow workers to “clock in” while riding to work. ”Commute time can be work productivity time in transit,” said Audrey DeBarros, executive director of 36 Commuting Solutions, which would manage the WiFi program. “As the US 36 corridor is poised to begin reconstruction starting next summer, the ‘Clock In On Your Commute’ project would benefit the construction project and corridor commuters to make any traffic delays a better use of employees’ work time and attract more people to riding transit.” The $250,000 grant would cover equipment and start-up costs to install free WiFi on 157 Regional Transportation District (CO) buses. Thus far 24 employers support the idea of allowing employees to work during their commute, eight oppose the concept, and four said it did not apply. Officials hope that business support will encourage the Denver Regional Council of Governments to approve their grant application. No funding source has been identified for ongoing operational expenses. Link to full story in Daily Camera.

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Carol Davison

Yes telework would. But work is what you do, not where you go. These people are teleworking, but there on on public transit. Sometimes you have to come in and teleworking should be rewarded if only for the 1.5 hour commute.

It seems to encourage telework, transit use, getting cars off construction routes, minimizes frustration at time lost in traffic, helps employees keep up with their work. I see win, win, win, win, win. Can you save the seats behind those saved for the disabled and eldery for teleworking?