Computer glitch shuts down BART trains

A communications problem between two routers shut down Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) trains for over two hours on Monday night, and officials are still trying to figure out why. “It seems to be a fluke,” said spokesman Linton Johnson. “But we have to get to the bottom of it.” When the routers stopped communicating with each other, personnel in BART’s operations control center could not see the locations of all trains in the system. The automated train control system was still running, but as a safety measure all 28 trains were stopped and moved to the nearest station until the routers came back online. “Yesterday was miserable — completely and utterly embarrassing,” Linton said. “I want to apologize profusely to our customers.” The disruption began at the end of the evening commute at 7:32 PM and ended at 9:50 PM. Link to full story in San Francisco Chronicle.

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