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Political law links for August 10, 2011

SHAYS IN. Roll Call. “Former Rep. Christopher Shays, a prominent GOP moderate who lost re-election in 2008, is preparing to enter the race for retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-Conn.) seat.”

WATERS CASE UPDATE. The Post. “The House ethics committee is poised to pay a half-million dollars by year’s end to resolve the mess that remains of its three-year probe of Rep. Maxine Waters.”

SUPER PACS AND 2012. Politico. “The super PACs are legally barred from giving directly to — or coordinating their spending with — their favored candidate. That can curb their effectiveness but also frees the operatives running them to air attack ads and deploy other, far more aggressive tactics than the candidate would want to use.”

“AA” TRAVEL FOR MEMBERS. The Post. “A record 81 House members, about a fifth of the chamber, are spending a week in Israel this month, courtesy of a foundation set up by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee…”

BIN LADEN RAID MOVIE SET FOR OCT. 2012 RELEASE. Story here. “The president’s Hollywood friends are planning an exploitation flick to hype his role in the bin Laden raid to debut three weeks before the 2012 election. What does the Federal Election Commission think of this?”



NO AUGUST BREAK FOR K STREET? Roll Call. “AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka put Members of Congress on notice Friday that union and liberal activists would not take a break during the August recess.”

ABOUT THAT GIFT TAX. Roll Call. “A group of anonymous political donors asked the Treasury Department on Monday to clarify whether gift taxes are owed on donations made to nonprofit organizations that are tax exempt but not charitable in mission.”

GOP FIRMS ON K STREET. The Hill. “Business for Republican-leaning lobbying firms has grown this year, despite lobbying revenue declining for many on K Street.”

RECALL UPDATE. Republicans hold the State Senate in Wisconsin. The Times. Are the Wisconsin recalls part of a trend? That’s one of the topics of this Recall Elections Blog post.


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