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Budget cuts may end transparency programs

The spending proposal passed in the House last month and considered in the Senate this month would effectively wipe out funding for e-government initiatives, such as USAspending.gov and Data.gov.

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So, how to all of us who worked on the Transparency Initiative feel about this? Same ole, same ole?

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Stephen Peteritas

Well since we’ve installed the “Like” button on GovLoop this is the first blog that makes me wish we had a dislike button.

Jenn Gustetic

My major concern is that if the community doesn’t move from one of passion and discourse to action that funding WILL be slashed and we won’t be equiped with the resources to continue these initiatives.

How should we mobilize to influence our legislators? How do we take an online passion to an offline campaign to change Congress’s mind on these programs?

Christopher Whitaker

Fed Agency heads need to start speaking up to the media so that the public understands that this action hurts accountability

Jenn Gustetic

I also think more people need to simply get on the phone and call their congressmen.

There’s also got to be a storyline for the Tea Party to get rallied up about some of these cuts–cutting these programs will make it harder to keep our government accountable.