Business Intelligence software recommendations and horror stories?

I work on a data warehouse and my city’s main anti-poverty agency. The data warehouse has been around since 2000. We have roughly 150 users across the agency writing their own ad hoc queries each month, many of them using Oracle Discoverer. (We also have about 250 other users running canned reports each month, but this post is about Discoverer and other Business Intelligence tools…)

We’re looking at migrating to a new BI tool. This is no small thing because it will mean updating a nine session training series, migrating models for five data sources and billions of rows of data, and making our library of metadata available in the new system.

But technology marches on, and it would be great to offer our users new and improved capabilities. (As one example, I personally would like a system that makes it much easier to match external data against data in the warehouse.)

Is anyone out there working in data warehousing? What kinds of data are you loading? Who does most of the analysis of data in your warehouse?

What business intelligence tools do you use? What do you love about them? What do you hate?

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