By the City/For the City Application

Screenshot of the By the City/For the City web application.

Screenshot of the By the City/For the City web application.

The Institute for Urban Design in New York has a really nice application for people to suggest ideas for improving the city. The Digital Placemaking App was developed by the Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a great planning organization.

The application is called: By the City/For the City

What I like about the application is the way it guides you through a set of well structured questions and enables you to add information like photos etc. to the submitted information. There is probably a database behind the system that can analyze the information by category, making it useful to planners for helping identify important problems and good ideas.

It would be nice to use a similar approach for the GreenCityStreets forum … we would develop a similar set of questions for transportation-related themes. The GreenCityStreets forum works for users logged-in via facebook right now and does not include a good set of questions to help organize the information. Something to work on in phase 2 of the project!

(Thanks to the article by Alexandra Lange in the Design Observer Group’s ObserversRoom blog, link from Planetizen.)

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