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Private sector versus public sector

Tim Harford had a great column in the Financial Times this past weekend on the public sector and private sector. Great food for thought: Tim Harford: You’re wrong, we are all wealth creators!


citysandbox Home Page Here’s an interesting site I learned about from GovLoop today: It has similar functions to the Forum pages and is designed to help citizens ask questions about city issues and post information. From their FAQs: CitySandbox is a project of the Social App Lab at CITRIS that aims to beRead… Read more »

Why better public involvement in transport is needed

Rot-Grun Stau Vienna political poster about transportation This political poster illustrates why projects like GreenCityStreets are needed to help educate residents about sustainable transport and to provide them with a forum for suggesting and supporting good ideas. Why is this necessary? Because transportation is complicated and politicians try to make it seem simple. This illustrationRead… Read more »

BusMeister Game Instructions

BusMeister: Adding an improvement to the street. Just finished developing the latest version of instructions for playing BusMeister. Feel free to add comments if you need more information or anything is unclear. Original post

@towerbridge – Heavyhanded Twitter

One of GreenCityStreets’ main goals is using new technologies to help improve urban transport and urban planning in general. An important part of this effort is helping educate people about what really goes on in cities. With better understanding we hope people can help identify and even implement ideas that can improve their cities. ARead… Read more »

LinkedIn Group: Public Transport IT and Data

I just started a LinkedIn group to discuss and share ideas for using information technology and data to improve public transportation. The group is called: Public Transport Information Technology and Data Here’s how I describe it: Among the issues we discuss are: mobile phone applications, use of social networking media and gaming, Web 2.0 concepts,Read… Read more »

By the City/For the City Application

Screenshot of the By the City/For the City web application. The Institute for Urban Design in New York has a really nice application for people to suggest ideas for improving the city. The Digital Placemaking App was developed by the Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a great planning organization. The application is called: By theRead… Read more »

BusMeister Game and Application on-line

BusMeister, a public transport application (game, forum, best practices library) I’ve been developing is ready … I would be interested in getting feedback from the govloop community. My goal is to use the game to teach non-professionals about public transportation and then encourage them to post ideas for how to improve their city’s public transportRead… Read more »

Green City Streets – Web 2.0 for Sustainable Transport

Just started a blog called Green City Streets ( The blog’s purpose is to explore the application of Web 2.0 techniques to create more sustainable transportation systems. It’s a topic I have been interested in for many years; here are a few of my papers on the subject: An Integrated Web 2.0 Approach for ImprovingRead… Read more »