Call for Papers on “Reducing Urban Poverty”

From the University Partnerships Clearinghouse:

“To encourage a new generation of urban policymakers and to promote early career research, USAID’s Urban Programs Team, International Housing Coalition (IHC), World Bank, Woodrow Wilson Center’s Comparative Urban Studies Project (CUSP), and Cities Alliance are co-sponsoring a third annual paper competition. The competition seeks paper submissions for an upcoming policy workshop and paper competition on urban poverty in the developing world. Winning papers will be published and selected authors will present their papers in a policy workshop to be held in Washington, D.C., in October 2012. The grand prize winner will also present at the World Urban Forum in September, 2012 in Naples, Italy.

Papers must be linked to one of the following sub-topics:

· Land markets.

· Climate change.

· Youth.

Papers should be policy-based and solutions-oriented and should critically examine existing projects and/or propose new strategies for tackling issues related to urban poverty. Papers from a variety of disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary perspectives are appropriate, including (but not limited to): urban planning, economics, political science, geography, public policy, sociology, environment, and anthropology.

This call for papers is directed at Ph.D. students and advanced masters degree students. To be eligible, applicants should be currently enrolled in a degree or post-doctoral program. Interested applicants must submit an abstract (500-word maximum limit) and a brief CV to the selection committee by February 20, 2012.

To learn more about this call for papers, including eligibility requirements and details on abstract submission, please visit us online at www.oup.org/news/whatsnew.asp?id=787.”

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