Can You Believe Everything You Read?


Have you ever read an article or heard a story that just catches your attention? You know, the ones that you just HAVE to pass on to everyone you know? Most of the time we don’t even think twice as to whether or not it’s even true. Well, that happened to me but this time I decided to investigate.

Well, I was reading an article yesterday about Louisiana house bill 195 (HB 195). The article stated that Louisiana residents can no longer use cash transactions for used items at places such as garage sales or flee markets, etc. My first thought was WOW! NO CASH? I thought that this time I would see if I could find more information on it before I pass this new finding on.

I use SNOPES alot which is a website that covers internet rumors and debunks or validates stories. In this particular  situation, SNOPES says that it is FALSE and goes on to explain where and how this rumor or story started.

I had found 2 articles from 2 different sources that say that bill is effective in May 2015, NEWSMAX and OPPOSING VIEW and then found where SNOPES debunked it.

So the choice is yours when it comes to internet stories. The web is open 24/7 to investigate for yourselves.

So tell me, can you believe everything read or not?

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