Can technology improve driver behavior & create a cleaner environment?

By Kristin Bockius
Originally posted on www.brightsidegovernment.com

In the public sector, we have the opportunity to participate in many innovative programs that are beneficial to cities and citizens across the U.S. One such program involves what most of us do everyday – get on the road and drive. Ever wonder how a driver’s behavior can impact the environment across your city and state?

Driving Change™ is the first Internet-based emissions management system. This pilot program launched in Denver gives drivers a real look at how their driving behavior affects their city’s environment and fuel costs. Microsoft partner and California-based Enviance, Inc., a software company that automates and improves the management of environmental, health and safety compliance activities, provides the greenhouse gas tracking system.

This system measures the driver’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and other daily habits that may cause emissions, such as speeding and aggressive driving. Denver-based Cartasite provides the telemetry technology that transmits data about drivers’ behaviors to Enviance’s system.

It may take one driver at a time, but the technological benefits of the program are clear with a 10 percent reduction per mile in CO2 emissions thus far. For more details on the findings, please click here. I’d like to hear about your state and local programs that incorporate innovative uses of technology to help the environment. “Tell Your Story” to share your innovations and see them posted on this blog.

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