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Can Visual Note Taking Help Create New Solutions?

This week, we had a visual note taker enlighten us with some techniques to incorporate into meetings or lectures.

Are you at a roadblock on a project?


Want to troubleshoot a new procedure?

Grab a coworker and sit down with a large piece of blank paper and grab a writing utensil. Yes, a pen, pencil, or even crayon, but put your laptops away…or at least distance yourself from them. (I know it’ll be hard, but you’ll survive 🙂

Tell your co-worker (After they are done insisting they cannot draw) that it is not about making pretty picture, it’s about thinking of the situation in a new way. They will draw out:

The 5 W’s. The Who, What, When, Where, and Why. And then finally, the “How?” (Which is probably what brought you there in the first place).

The relevant categories:

Yes most of those will be self explanatory, but the breakthroughs will happen in the “How?” and more importantly,

the “Why?”

Having your coworker draw out the situation will allow you to reflect upon it in a new and more objective way. Take turns and see what you come up with. The reason why this technique works is because it boils down issues to their core parts, forcing you to stay focused.

During the next lecture you attend, you can try this technique to take notes. It will be more fun and chances are, you will absorb more of the key points. Also because I love tech, feel free to use apps like Penultimate or Drawing Pad to take visual notes on your tablet.

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