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How NOAA Used Social Media to be One Step Ahead of Sandy recently hosted a webinar on social media tools and Sandy. During the lead up, storm, and aftermath, NOAA had you covered. Personally, I was googling the storm as it happened, but looking back I should’ve just logged onto NWS’s facebook page. NWS tweeted and facebooked there way through preparedness with the country. They madeRead… Read more »

EZ like Sunday Morning

DCWeek conducted yet another informative seminar, this one shed light on the ins-and-outs of the shiny, new RFP-EZ. If you are in charge of procurement of software services in your agency…Listen up. The session, dubbed “Changing Relationships: Gov 2.0, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs” was comprised of 4 expert panelists being: Clay Johnson – Presidential InnovationRead… Read more »

It’s DCWeek!

If the election doesn’t provide enough excitement for you this week, never fear…it’s also DCWeek. “DCWEEK is a week long festival in the US capitol focused on bringing together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators of all kinds.” Yesterday I attended the session titled: “Changing Relationships: Gov 2.0 and the Citizen” at Affinity Lab. PanelistsRead… Read more »

Are You Up for a Challenge?

In the tech world, weekends spent at “Hackathons” or “Mobile App Challenges” are becoming more and more common. And the public sector is starting to catch on. These challenges are exciting becuase lots of real work gets done in a short amount of time. Xavier Hughes, the Chief Innovation Officer with the Department of Labor,Read… Read more »

Howto.Gov Does It Again.

Howto.Gov hosted their 5th webinar on APIs (of their 8 part installment) this past Thursday. This time, they went over a bit more of the technical roadblocks. More specifically, how to go about realeasing data for consumption and different API formats, keys, and analytics. (If lost already, refer to API evangelist. They do a greatRead… Read more »

Digesting Data: Informs on the Power of Data Visualization

This past Tuesday, October 9th, hosted a webinar about the use of info-graphics in the Federal government. During the webinar, they covered the basic definition of info-graphics, why their important, as well as some case studies on how they are being used. I realize we have been having this conversation for a while onRead… Read more »

C’mon…Practice Some Self Control!

I know you’ve been there, (I have too). You get to work, check your email and see that a friend/cousin/mailman uploaded some photos, tweeted, or did some other thing that really isn’t that important. But what do you do? You click and then an hour later you are left scratching your head about what broughtRead… Read more »

How to Get More Women in Tech

Fun Fact: The fourth listing on Google found when you search “minorities in tech” (without quotations) is: “Technologies found in Minority Report.” Looks like people really enjoyed that movie…and there aren’t many minorities in tech. And yes, while we have made headway with funneling some capitol to startups. Dave Mcclure’s stance in TechCrunch is aRead… Read more »