Cayman Islands Government Needs Better Project Management

In another example of governments around the world realizing they need to focus on better project management, the Cayman Islands’ Auditor General issued a report to this effect.

Like the UK example last week, this is a call for better project management in government. Again we see recommendations for the establishment of a “Centre for Excellence” in Project Management for Governments.

Here are some highlights from the report with my summaries.

Major Finding 1 – “Government does not have a sound governance framework for the development of major capital projects”

  • Comprehensive business cases were not developed, and these major infrastructure projects were 25% of total government expenditure.
  • Politicians and officials were mucking up projects – roles are not clearly defined
  • Financial management practices are lacking
  • Basic quality standards for major capital projects such as buildings are lacking

“The lack of an experienced project manager, together with the involvement of politicians in the conceptual design phase of the project resulted in the projects being poorly managed and controlled

Major Finding 2 – “Project management practices for the new high schools projects were deficient”

  • The Ministry of Education who had responsibility for several schools “did not have the management expertise or experience in delivering building infrastructure projects.”
  • No business case was developed

“the Ministry incurred costs $5.9 mission before Cabinet decided that the project would not be completed…In addition the $5.9 million already expended, the Government continues to pay interest on the funds borrowed to finance this expenditure.” – regarding Beulah Smith High School empty lot.

Major Finding 3 – “Government Administration Building employed good project management practices”

Some good news! This project had a competent and well-trained project manager and came in on time and within budget.

What can the rest of us learn from these examples from the Cayman Islands? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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