Centripetal Networks Provides Internet Scale Cyber Defense


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I’m on the board of Centripetal Networks, a firm with dramatically virtuous technology that I believe will change the world. With this post I’ll tell you more about this firm, with a focus on the differentiators of their capability.

The core capability of Centripetal Networks is a product called the RuleGate. It is a very high performance TCP/IP packet filter able to make decisions in real time on whether to let pass/forward, drop or modify each packet crossing a boundary, in either direction. It does this by policies established by the enterprise, and can also be configured to ingest threat information to rapidly change configuration to mitigate emerging threats.

The disruptive characteristics of the RuleGate include the ability to filter at incredibly fast rates (1G/10G) and do so through millions of packet filtering rules while only incurring latencies measured in microseconds. Performance is better by up to 1000 times the performance of the most powerful network firewalls and router Access Control Lists (ACLs). This disruptive performance not only creates a new category of network device but also enables new cybersecurity applications previously considered infeasible. Enterprise-centric and ISP-centric cybersecurity applications include:

  • DDoS Protection: Immunize your networks from bandwidth flooding attacks
  • Threat Surface Reduction: Keep cyber criminals out of your network
  • Exfiltration Prevention: Stop malware from stealing your data and credentials
  • Network Resilience: Assuring mission-critical communications during cyber war
  • Defense Applications Platform: Creating new Cyber Defense Applications for your networks
  • Cyber Enclaves: Ensuring that only authorized users, hosts, and applications can use the network
  • Network-Security-as-a-Service (NSaaS): Protect subscriber networks from Internet attacks
  • GeoIP Filtering: Block or allow communications depending on geographic location
  • Access Control List (ACL) Acceleration: Eliminate service outages and performance issues with large dynamic ACLs
  • Firewall Acceleration: Prevent insider trust violations and overwhelming Internet attacks

Control over the RuleGate and the many applications it enables is via easy to understand visualizations.

For more information, start by selecting the most relevant use case below and click “Read More” to continue:


Governments must safely and reliably operate some of the most mission-critical services in the world. Because of their very criticality, these networks and systems attract those who seek to exploit any and every conceivable vulnerability. To some, a successful penetration or disruption of a government network is a badge of honor. To others it may be the opportunity to steal sensitive data, advance their own military progress, or even to disrupt and destroy. These vulnerabilities are not just a threat to the government, but also to key businesses that serve the government’s needs. Read more…

Financial Services

Financial Services firms in particular face a heightened risk of cyber attack. Cyber attacks target both their enterprise operations as well as client services transactions. Banks, brokerages, and insurers all face significant, unmitigated risks. The risks these firms are exposed to include the exfiltration of sensitive data, financial theft, and denial of service attacks. Read more…

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure (CI) is defined as the “backbone of a nation’s economy, security and health.” CI normally includes the power, transportation, water supply, and communications systems we rely on. What makes them critical are the elements of infrastructure, that are so vital, that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on national security, economy or public health. Network and cyber security have a direct bearing on the security and resilience of a nation’s CI. With RuleGate technology it is now possible to implement systems to provide both network resilience and cyber security on a national scale. Read more…

Enterprise Defense

Enterprises of all sizes are falling under increasing cyber attacks, and it’s getting worse every day. Firewalls can be swamped, slowing down enterprise network performance to the point of pain for many applications and users. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) can sometimes provide actionable attack information, but often only after damage has been done. Centripetal’s RuleGate systems can be used to dramatically reduce the scale and severity of cyber attacks. For instance, a simple application for a RuleGate system can dramatically reduce the enterprise’s attack Threat Surface (TS). Reducing TS yields an instant relief from the overload, by eliminating the vast majority of all attacks, before they can even enter your enterprise network. The RuleGate System provides Threat Surface Reduction without degrading your network performance and user experience. Read more…

Service Providers

Network service providers are coming under increasing pressure to provide protection to their customers, from cyber criminals and attackers. Many providers are now offering cyber DDoS attack mitigation services and some also provide forensics services. With the introduction of Centripetal’s RuleGate technology, it is now possible for these service providers to support customers with actual network-based cyber protection. These services will use the Rulegate’s scaled line-rate protection, in conjunction with threat feed services from an increasing number of providers, to substantially clean up network services. Read more…

 Centripetal Networks Provides Internet Scale Cyber Defense

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